Lukáš Mešťan

Lukáš Mešťan

Software engineer with a background in full-stack Web development & Open Source Enthusiast.

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Technology is my passion, and has always been since I was a kid. In particular, I have always been interested in programming, and all the technologies which nowadays make it possible to easily share information and communicate across the globe.

Apart from the usual coding, I particularly love researching into best practices and exploring new techniques related to web programming. However, my interest in technology has no boundaries.


ThinkPad Carbon X1 powered by Debian with favourite Xfce desktop environment, Western Digital WD Elements SE Portable external HDD (1TB, 2,5”, USB 3.0) for time machine backups

Most used Software

Zsh, PHP (Yii2, Symfony2, PHPUnit), Git, NetBeans + vim, Atlassian products (JIRA Agile, Bitbucket), Linux servers hosting

Cloud Services

Github, Amazon Web Services, Bitbucket, Dropbox

Favourite websites, Hacker News, Lobsters, The Verge

Favourite movies

Toxic Avenger, Fire in the Sky, The Final Countdown, Capricorn One